2nd Grade STEM and STEAM activities

2nd Grade GT students are participating in STEM and STEAM activities for the third six weeks.  Parents are encouraged to participate in these activities at home with their children. Students will "teach" their parents!

Activity #1:  The students were engineers and constructed a perch for, "Harry", using pipe cleaners, tape, index cards, and cups.
Activity #2: Exploring renewable and nonrenewable energy sources by using the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining Activity proved to be quite the challenge!  The "tools" needed were a cookie, toothpicks, and a paper plate.
Activity #3: Predicting whether candy canes would melt faster in various liquids was very interesting.   We used, milk, warm water, peroxide, and alcohol. We timed each reaction. 

Activity #4:  Engineering the tallest snowman!  We used toothpicks, marshmallows and a ruler.  Students constructed their snowman and we measure the height  to see which of the four constructed snowmen was the tallest and most stable.

Activity#5:  Math/Engineering was the challenge for our students.  Using cups, blocks, popsicle sticks, and rulers, as materials, students  were to have made a tower and measure the height but making certain the objects did not fall.  Data was collected for each trial.